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During holidays, many seniors seek out fun, educational gifts that can entertain their grandchildren. However, in today’s digital world, it can be a challenge to steer kids away from mindless zombie and warfare-filled video games towards fun and engaging challenges.

Chess is one way to bond and build brainpower—for both kids and adults. Don’t know how to play chess? Well, QuickChess, an award-winning chess learning tool, is something that has beginners playing and game veterans sharpening their skills in only 10 minutes.

The game inventor Joe Miccio, a retired New York City Firefighter, is asking for crowdfunding support via a Kickstarter campaign to bring the popular QuickChess to the digital world. ( Kickstarter enables entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects via supporters, who can pledge money in exchange for rewards.

After 25 years of success in teaching over a million kids alone how to play, Miccio has partnered with four-time Women’s World Chess Champion Susan Polgar to introduce a computer version of the game for 2017.

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November 2016


World-Famous Circus Elephants Get Early Retirement

Stars of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus are trading their hula hoops and circus tricks for yoga mats and deep breaths at their new retirement home in the Sunshine State.

Eleven Asian elephants completed their last show in early May and arrived at the Ringling Bros, Center for Elephant Conservation in Orlando, FL, just miles away from Disney World.

They joined 29 other retired elephants at the 200-acre retirement home. The conservation center includes open areas for caretakers to bathe and walk the elephants during the day, as well as individual pens for males and group pens for females at night.

An exercise area is also underway, which will provide a space for elephants to climb hills, weave through poles and learn “elephant yoga” from trainers.

May 2016


Survey Questioned 7,000 International Travelers

While the United States is the 4th most visited nation in the globe and 2nd most desired to visit by travelers2, a Hostelworld Global Traveler Report reveals the average American

While the average UK resident has visited 10 countries, Germans have visited on average eight nations and the French five. The average American has been to just three nations, and nearly one-third (29%) of American adults have NEVER been abroad. adult is less “worldly,” as compared to their international counterparts. Americans are only half as likely as Europeans to journey abroad to more than one country, with the main reason being cost.

What are the Reasons for Americans Not Traveling?: The top reason cited by Americans for not visiting these nations as well as others is perceived cost, with 71% saying they can’t afford to. 16% of adults say they simply don’t want to, as another 16% say it’s because they have a pet. Following that, 11% of respondents worry about the responsibility to pay a mortgage and an equal amount say it’s because of raising children.

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November 2015


The History Channel offers Free, Educational Mobile Games for Children

In today’s age, young children are spending more time inside playing video games than most parents and grandparents might like, instead of going outside.
If the younger generations in your family are set on playing games online instead of so-called old fashioned playing of sports, tag and other outdoor activities, they might as well be somewhat educational (Just don’t let the kids in on that secret!).
The History Channel is now offering a free set of online mobile games that are designed to be entertaining, but also historically educational.

The games are offered under its Planet H brand. Three games of its titles include Age of Explorers, Empire Run and Frontier Heroes.

Photo Credit: A&E Networks

July 2015