Time less You

Life-Changing Program Inspires Age 45-Plus Audiences to Redefine Age,

Eliminate Stress, Maximize Energy & Feel a Decade Younger


Deepak Chopra, M.D. has created and launchedTIMELESS YOU: THE BIOLOGY OF YOUTH & THE WISDOM OF EXPERIENCE, a six-part online interactive program with exclusive videos, quizzes, guided activities and more that will help redefine age and eliminate stress among users. The program is a self-paced process that allows participants to go at their own speed and spend time with the activities and exercises. Once registered for their courses, participants can log in and complete the activities at any time.

"We have the power to reverse our age," says Dr. Chopra, global leader, author and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. "For generations we've been taught that aging means decline—of the mind and body -- but that does not have to be the case.  With TIMELESS YOU, I extend an invitation to explore a different path, one where you feel youthful, vibrant, and fit mentally and physically as you age."

Studies have shown that physical exercise, stress-reducing activities such as yoga and meditation, being connected to family and friends and exercising the brain can all have a lasting and significant effect on the aging process. TIMELESS YOU helps participants know what to do and where to start.

With Deepak Chopra as guide, this life-changing program helps participants feel a decade younger and be the healthiest, happiest person they can be.

The Six Courses Include:

·        Course 1 - Changing Perceptions: Transform your age by changing the way you think about yourself, your environment and the aging process.

·        Course 2 - A Youthful Mind: Boost your brain power by tapping into your curiosity, creativity and mental flexibility.

·        Course 3 - Healthy Relationships: Cultivate love, communication and forgiveness for a richer, longer life.

·        Course 4 - Mind-Body Connection: Increase your energy, lower your stress and enjoy better sleep with guided meditation, yoga and deep-breathing exercises.

·        Course 5 - Mindful Eating: Renew your health and reduce illness with a fresh approach to food.

·        Course 6 - Joyful exercise: Reverse aging by creating a fitness plan that is fun and easy to follow.

Activities and progress can be shared in the program’s online community, as well as through Facebook and email. Each course costs $9.99. During a promotional launch period, the first course will be free and the complete six-course package will be available for $29.99. TIMELESS YOU can be accessed at:www.grandparents.com/timelessyou.

Deepak Chopra, MD, author of more than 75 books in more than 35 languages, is a fellow of the American College of Physicians, a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, Adjunct Professor of Executive Programs at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, and Senior Scientist with The Gallup Organization.