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PBS Launches New Health and Wellness Series

"Feel Grand with Jane Seymour" Debuts

The American Grandparents Association, Grandparents.com and Detroit Public Television have launched “Feel Grand with Jane Seymour,” a new 13-part national television series focusing on health issues relevant to the active, aging Baby Boomer Generation that premieres on American Public Television stations across the U.S. 

Jane Seymour hosts the series, which was produced by Detroit Public Television (DPTV) and The American Grandparents Association (AGA), the membership organization of Grandparents.com. 

“Living a happy, healthy, robust life is all about feeling grand, especially as we grow older,” said Ms. Seymour. “While aging may be inevitable, the underlying theme of this wonderful new series demonstrates that that there are many things we can do to feel ageless.”

Each of the 13 episodes focuses on a single health-related topic of interest to the growing age 50-plus demographic and features Ms. Seymour interviewing world-renowned doctors who are leaders in their medical specialty. Topics include The Emotions of Aging, Conquering Diabetes, Women’s Cancers, Managing Pain and Arthritis, and others ranging from nutrition to heart health to sex and intimacy after 50.  Viewers can engage with doctors and view bonus content at feelgrand.org.

“’Feel Grand' with Jane Seymour” will resonate deeply with the growing age 50-plus population,” said Steve Leber, chairman and CEO of Grandparents.com and the AGA. “These are active, engaged people who are focused on living life to the fullest. The ‘Feel Grand’ series will empower them to do just that and help them take charge of their health for a happier life.”

Ms. Seymour is known for her work including starring in six seasons on the CBS series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” a role that earned her a Golden GlobAward. At age 63, Ms. Seymour is a grandmother and remains active as an actress, artist, author, furniture designer, and philanthropist. 

Among the doctors featured on the series are Deepak Chopra, M.D.; Rear Admiral Susan Blumenthal, M.D. (ret.), former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General; and 
Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, author of “Every Woman’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy Life.” Other medical experts from leading U.S. hospitals and universities, including Beth Israel Hospital, the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, and Harvard Medical School, also are participating in the series.          

A complete first-season episode guide and information about all the doctors can be found at www.feelgrand.org

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