Discount Student Travel Deals Now Open Up to Globe Trotters of All Ages

April 2010

The internet has made booking a great travel deal easier and cheaper for everyone in the industry --business and casual travelers, hoteliers, airlines and car rental agencies.

Sites like Travelzoo (, Sherman’s Travel (, Expedia (, Cheap Caribbean ( and so many more that we will continue to reference and write about in this column, have opened a whole new generation of travel aficionados to the latest, and in many cases, last minute opportunities to see the world – all without having to take out a mortgage to afford it.

But one area that both the young and the young at heart can now benefit from is travel deals that have in the past been geared only toward the student market. 

According to New York Times travel writer Michelle Higgins, there are a number of websites that formerly offered exclusive and low-cost travel discounts to cash and income starved students that are now open to non-students of all ages.  Now retirees, baby boomers and even those still a decade or more away from retirement can get in on the action, without breaking the bank.

Here's a quick rundown: offers deals through their "Flights for Everyone" promotion. is open to students and non-students alike of any age. 

Who says you can’t relive those days before marriage, kids or even the 9-5 job when you could just pick up and go and do it on a shoestring budget?  

The two greatest factors empowering today’s retiree and baby boomer generations towards travel is flexibility of times for travel and the rapid research and deal-making capabilities found on the internet.  

So go pick yourself up a backpack, some comfy shoes and get ready to see the world without spending the kids’ least not all of it!