Verizon Retiree Group Launches Video Series

Verizon Retiree Group Launches Video Series

The Association of BellTel Retirees, a group that promotes the protection and enhancement of Verizon retiree pensions and benefits, has launched its “Faces of Verizon Retirees” video series. The new videos feature different Verizon retirees telling his or her career and retirement story in light of critical economic and healthcare issues impacting their lives. 

The speakers reminisce about their work experiences in an overwhelmingly positive way, but implore their former employer to consider better treatment of retirees. Throughout the videos, retirees express a sense of workplace camaraderie during a time when Verizon was committed to the needs of its employees.

Many Verizon retirees express the pride they felt while working for the Bell system. Several videos explore health-related issues retirees have endured as a result of healthcare cuts and eliminations. Other videos examine retirees' uncertainty related to their pension and healthcare benefits. 

The series can be viewed at