New Survey Shows Seniors, Boomers Embracing Internet

A new survey of over 3,000 seniors and baby boomers by American Retiree demonstrates that internet has now enveloped a generation of people once thought impenetrable to the internet boom.  

The survey comprised of individuals 55 and over, finds that an amazing 100% of respondents now have computers at home and close to 90% surf the web at least once a day for a variety of reasons including email, news gathering, and shopping.

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“This is really groundbreaking data, that shows a vast acceleration in retirees and baby boomers tapping into the internet,” stated Mike Murphy, a polling analyst in New York City. “Today more and more seniors and baby boomers are turning to the internet for their regular daily communication and information. Considering how difficult it was to reach this demographic online previously, it clearly shows the opening of a market sector primed for significant growth.”

Check is no longer in the mail

Also according to the survey approximately 9 out of 10 of seniors now use the internet for credit card purchases. 

 “It is just so easy to use now. I can go online and order whatever I need. Whether it’s medicine, a gift for my grandkids, a new book or even paying a bill, everything is at my fingertips,” stated Paul Charon, 80, a retired bus driver from New York City. 

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Community and Social Activism

When it comes to activism nearly 90% of respondents stated that they have used the internet to take action on an issue that concerned them.  89% stated that they have used the internet to write to an elected official and over 40% have used the internet to sign an online petition. 

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“In the past when someone was upset about an issue they took it to the streets or picked up the phone to register their complaint or opinion—now they are taking it to the web,” stated Murphy. 

Behind the Curve on Social Networking, For Now

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However, one online area where seniors and baby boomers still don’t participate along the lines of younger generations of Americans is with social networking sites such as Twitter and Myspace. 

Over 63% say they don’t participate in any social networking site.  

But still there are some areas that usage among the older crowd is surprisingly large. Approximately 30% of those surveyed are now signed onto and using Facebook. 

“The reality is as these sites become the norm more and more seniors will begin using them,” stated Murphy. “These sites allow people to communicate with a wide group of friends with a simple touch of a button, something that seniors in the poll say they want to do.”

Approximately 65% of respondents say they use the internet for some sort of communication. 

Can You Hear Me Know?

Overall Seniors and baby boomers have increasingly entered the mobile communications age. Over 93% of respondents stated that they use a cell phone. Close to 25% say they now text message. 

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“Seniors like everyone else want to stay in constant contact,” stated Murphy. “This really proves that cell phones have penetrated all age demographics.”

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Approximately 75% of seniors questioned now use digital cameras and over 40% use the camera function of their cell phones. 

Internet Is No Longer Just Kids Stuff

“This snapshot survey of 3,000 older Americans and their technology preferences looms large for the future prospects of online services like Skype, Bing, and Google and for advertisers that want to reach older Americans,” stated Murphy. “These responses prove that the internet is no longer just kids stuff. If you want seniors you have to go online.”