Retirees Chronicles Story

Tens of Thousands View Retiree Chronicles Video Series

A video documentary series titled, Retiree Chronicles: Happy Memories, Uncertain Futures, features retirees from the American telecommunications industry reminiscing about careers and the economic uncertainty of the future. The series was done by the Association of BellTell Retirees, Inc.

The video interviews share retirees telling of fond memories of their careers, co-workers and their various roles at the company over the years.  The interview participants explained in their own words their fears and concerns about losing their earned retirement benefits, pension erosion and the lack of promised cost of living pension increases. 

Many expressed hurt and anger that the company they trusted and dedicated decades-long careers to, had betrayed retirees loyalties and trust. 

One retiree, Warren Dottin said, “I’m retired and I expected the company to take care of me. I gave 43 years of my life to Verizon and the companies that made Verizon and I feel nervous that when I really need help it may not be there.”

Another, Robert Simpson said, “I come from a background of believing the phone company was a secure organization to go to work for.  As it turns out, those security issues that I always firmly believed in seem to be very, very much at risk.”

Many also expressed about some of their happiest working days.

Charles Burke, said that “One of the things that I thoroughly enjoyed during my time was my association with the union, the camaraderie that we had and how everyone helped each other through a lot of difficult times.”