Spend Your Gifting Dollars on a Fun, Educational Game for Grandkids

During holidays, many seniors seek out fun, educational gifts that can entertain their grandchildren. However, in today’s digital world, it can be a challenge to steer kids away from mindless zombie and warfare-filled video games towards fun and engaging challenges.

Chess is one way to bond and build brainpower—for both kids and adults. Don’t know how to play chess? Well, QuickChess, an award-winning chess learning tool, is something that has beginners playing and game veterans sharpening their skills in only 10 minutes.

The game inventor Joe Miccio, a retired New York City Firefighter, is asking for crowdfunding support via a Kickstarter campaign to bring the popular QuickChess to the digital world. (http://tinyurl.com/zfs4fbw). Kickstarter enables entrepreneurs to raise funds for their projects via supporters, who can pledge money in exchange for rewards.

After 25 years of success in teaching over a million kids alone how to play, Miccio has partnered with four-time Women’s World Chess Champion Susan Polgar to introduce a computer version of the game for 2017.

QuickChess is a quick and easy entrance into a challenging game, especially for kids.

The coming digital version will have kids learning chess with customizable settings and pieces that interact and suggest moves. Challenges increase indefinitely as players advance. They can play against the computer, friends and family members—even those who don’t know how to play.

U.S. National Chess Master Bruce Pandolfini, who was portrayed by Sir Ben Kingsley in the 1993 hit film Searching for Bobby Fischer, agrees about QuickChess: “QuickChess is one of the simplest, yet most effective chess teaching systems for anyone among the beginner’s learning curve.  World Chess Champions are using computer software to practice, as kids are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to learn and refine new skills.”

If you decide to jump on board before December 20, 2016, rewards for Kickstarter supporters (to be delivered September 2017) include:

  • For $25 ($20 for early birds), you can get lifetime access to the digital QuickChess game + your grandchild’s name in the game credits + more

  • For $45, you can get a physical copy of the QuickChess board game + lifetime access to the digital QuickChess game + name in the game credits + more

  • For $400, you can get a physical copy of the QuickChess board game + lifetime access to the digital QuickChess game + personalized chess lessons from Grandmaster Susan Polgar via Skype or video chat + name in the game credits + more

  • For $500, you can have the game inventor visit your grandkids’ school or community organization and play up to 30 games of QuickChess simultaneously + more

  • If you really want to immerse yourself in the game, for $9,500, how about having World Champ  Polgar visit your school, club or special event for a half-day itinerary.

Stop spending your gift dollars on wasteful video games. Perhaps QuickChess can be that smarter option.

To learn more, visit www.QuickChess.info or become a QuickChess digital supporter at http://tinyurl.com/zfs4fbw