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Pink Sandy Beaches – An Alternative Amidst Quarantine

If your vacation plans were ruined by COVID-19 and you’re tired of constantly staying in and staring at four walls, the Island of Bermuda may have a prescription for you.

Following the lead of the Island of Barbados, Bermuda, a British territory some 650 miles off the coast of South Carolina is offering up a one-year visa for remote workers and college students, to enjoy the beach and sunshine as they “labor.”

In mid-July, David Burt, Bermuda’s Premier announced, “The world is changing, and we want people we consider long-term visitors to come to Bermuda.”

“2020 is a year of innovation all around. We’re innovating to be responsive to the demands of people around the world.” According to the island’s Bermuda’s Ministry of Labour, “the COVID-19 health crisis had a significant impact on the local economy resulting in mass unemployment and decreased economic activity” given that so much of the territory’s economy is dependent on tourism.

To apply for the 1-year visitor’s visa, the cost is $263. The program opens August 1st.

In a press release, the Bermuda Tourism Authority says, "At a time when international travel is limited for many Americans, the island is a beautiful, close and comfortable option for those in need of an unforgettable escape. Bermuda offers guests an accessible, safe destination with wide open spaces and pink sand beaches, clean ocean breezes and brilliant turquoise waters, plus meaningful cultural connections and fresh island fare."

In terms of Coronavirus related cases and deaths, Bermuda with a population of 64,000 has some of the lowest numbers in the globe, with only 150 cases and just nine reported deaths.

Premier Burt acknowledges that a rapid influx of new tourism could potentially pose a danger, so officials will enforce the rules that minimize spread, including regular testing, a public face mask requirement, social distancing restrictions and all visitors must have clean Covid-19 test, 7-day in advance of their arrival at the island known for being a paradise with pink sand beaches.

While Bermuda is well known for its resorts, the island is somewhat challenged with a lack of affordable housing for visitors. So where can you stay?

The American Retiree staff will be checking in for more details and hotel and flight specials as they are rolled out in conjunction with this visa visitors’ program.

To our Bermudian neighbors, our editorial staff might even have to make the “sacrifice” and open up a publishing office in one of your magnificent neighborhoods, so that we can properly sample and effectively report back to our audiences, on all the fine cuisine, culture and atmosphere.

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