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Amtrak “Night Owl” Fares Provide a Cheap Travel Option

Amtrak is making travel easier with drastically reduced costs on certain overnight trips starting as low as $5!

These ultra-affordable rail ticket options are available for trips that take place between 7pm and 5am.

These much cheaper options will make traveling the continental U.S. easier for many Americans who may feel cost is a barrier to travel.

With these ultra-low off-peak prices, a round trip ticket from New York to Washington D.C. would cost $40.

In a statement, Amtrak said, “This is a great option for travelers returning from concerts, plays, sporting events or those who prefer later or earlier departures.”

Traveling by train also comes with a lot less stress than driving or flying, as there is no security to get through, or getting to the airport 2-3 hours ahead of time. Also consider your full-sized perfumes, suntan lotions, or toiletries won’t be confiscated, and – possibly most importantly – the seats are truly more comfortable.

The only issue that typically comes from train travel is it takes planning and sometimes a lot longer, however, an overnight trek may circumvent that by sleeping on the train and arriving refreshed at your destination in the morning.

Here are some of the sample fares for one way travel you can book today at these reduced costs:

  • New York – Washington D.C.: $20

  • New York – Baltimore/BWI: $15

  • Washington D.C. – Newark/Newark Liberty: $15

  • New York – Philadelphia: $10

  • New York – Wilmington D.C.: $10

  • Philadelphia – Washington: $10

  • Washington D.C. – Wilmington $10

  • Philadelphia – Baltimore/BWI: $5

  • New York – Newark/Newark Liberty: $5

  • Washington D.C. – Baltimore/BWI: $5

With these cost saving fares, it may be time to “take that midnight train” going anywhere on the Northeast Regional.

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