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Cherlato, Cher’s New Ice Cream Truck Venture

Attribution: Gage Skidmore

Over the summer, internationally recognized singer, actress, and television personality, Cher, announced that her newest business venture is, none other than, an ice cream company cheekily called… ‘Cherlato’.

In her announcement via Instagram, Cher said it was an idea five years in the making, that is now finally becoming reality.

The 77-year-old singer has partnered with a New Zealand based ice cream company, Giapo, to create the ice cream flavors being dreamed up by the songstress herself.

Giapo is known for making their ice creams in a gluten free facility and also offers vegan options for dairy-free individuals.

Original flavors include: Cher’s Mom’s Cheesecake, Breakfast At Cher’s Coffee & Donuts, Venice Vibes, and more!

Each flavor of ice cream comes highly recommended by Cher to also include a special topping, so you may want to splurge for the entire Cherlato sweet treat culinary experience.

For now, one can only purchase ‘Cherlato’ from an ice cream truck that travels on the streets of Los Angeles. A plain cone sells for $8 and prices increase with – the recommended – toppings or extra scoops.

For those really seeking the star treatment, a gold covered cone would cost you $18. The signature Cherlato Gold Cone is “individually dipped, rolled and rippled in our rich and luxurious, secret-recipe gold chocolate.”

If you’ll want to “turn back time” to experience the decadence of these ice cream cones again and again, keep an eye out.

You can find out where Cher’s ice cream opulence will be by looking at the official Cherlato Instagram or for locations.

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