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Eye Drops can Replace Reading Glasses?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Reading glasses, we are all likely to - eventually - need them, but we all don’t have to like them. However, soon you might be able to say goodbye to reading glasses and trade them in for some eyedrops that will do the trick.

Vuity is a relatively new prescription eye drop recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The company says the eyedrops work by reducing a person’s pupil size and contracting certain muscles that will help to see up close.

One of the many signs of our aging bodies, is when our eyes start to blur details up close. This is also known as presbyopia and effects almost all of us as we get older. Vuity is the first eye drop on the market that addresses this for aging adults.

According to the company, Vuity works best in those aged 40-55 and a 30-day supply runs about $80.

The company says the most common side effects are headaches and red eyes. It also advises prospective users to speak with a doctor before use.

For those who rely on reading glasses, a pair is often stored nearly everywhere, in the car, the office, on the bedside table, so those are never far away. Now, potentially, one drop a day can make those reading glasses go away.

No more forgetting your glasses or asking a friend to borrow theirs to read a restaurant menu.

The potential for this new eye drop is clear, just as Jimmy Cliff sung in his great song, “I Can See Clearly Now.”

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