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Grandchildren Fixed on Video Games? Make it Educational!

Updated: May 29, 2020

In today’s age, young children are spending more time inside playing video games than most parents and grandparents might like, instead of going outside.

If the younger generations in your family are set on playing games online instead of so-called old fashioned playing of sports, tag and other outdoor activities, they might as well be somewhat educational (Just don’t let the kids in on that secret!).

The History Channel is now offering a free set of online mobile games that are designed to be entertaining, but also historically educational.

The games are offered under its Planet H brand. Three games of its titles include Age of Explorers, Empire Run and Frontier Heroes.

Age of Explorers: Children participate in games where explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Sir Francis Drake, sail the seas and travel throughout the world to discover new land. Gamers get to experience what these explorers went through and challenges they faced hundreds of years ago, such as managing a crew and traveling through weather storms.

Empire Run: Thousands of years ago, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, The Maya civilization, the Ming Dynasty and the Mughal Empire ruled what they understood to be the world. All were considered great empires. Now, children can run through these empires, collecting coins and knowledge to defeat the enemies in Empire Run. Playing as if they were a local high school track star that fell asleep in class and wakes up in a world of history, players will be able to unlock “Did You Know” facts about the empires and their impact on the world.

Frontier Heroes: Allows kids to explore five eras of American history from the pre-Colonial days through the California Gold Rush. Children will explore these eras through dozens of era-specific mini-games and collect historical facts unraveling some of the greatest mysteries of the United States.

These games are available for free download online at, and at Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Kindle Fire. For more information, visit

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