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See the World with Life at Sea Cruises

For those interested in cruises, Life at Sea Cruises may have just the thing for you, and the price might be tempting to some. A new offering from the company is a three-year long cruise that will travel to 375 destinations across 135 countries, and on all seven continents. At each destination, the cruise will stay in port for 2-3 days to enable cruisers to experience life as a local. While $30,000 per year, per person sounds like an expensive vacation, this will become each travelers home away from home for the coming three years. The all-inclusive nature that the Life at Sea Cruise is likely to justify the cost for a couple that averages to $5,000 a month. Consider that doctors’ appointments, Wi-Fi, meals, laundry and cleaning service, alcohol with dinner, and much more are all included, the price tag seems far more reasonable. Passengers have the option of embarking in three different countries. November 1, 2023, in Istanbul, Turkey, Barcelona, Spain on November 5, or the last boarding option is on November 16, in Miami, Florida. There are three main packages for lodging:

  • Inside staterooms start at $29,999 per person, per year ($179,994 for two people over all three years)

  • Outside cabins starting at $36,999 ($221,994 for two over all three years)

  • Suites with private balcony for $99,999 (or $600,000 for two over those three years)

There are a few requirements to consider before booking. Passengers are required to book for all three years and cannot choose their own length of trip. A preliminary deposit of $5,000 is required to secure a cabin, and confirmed passengers must make a down payment of at least $45,000 before May 2023.

In addition, passengers receive friends and family guest passes, so guests can visit for a spell and are only required to pay local port taxes and fees, allowing cruisers to host guests in their suites as they would at home. If visitors wish to have greater privacy, guest cabins are available at an additional cost. This floating community aims to keep passengers entertained when not in port, with activities including a golf simulator, learning and enrichment seminars, entertainment, and other live performances. Travelers that require remote working space will benefit from a well-equipped business center; offering 14 private offices, conference rooms, business library, and working lounge all with access to high-speed Wi-Fi. The ship also boasts a large sun deck, swimming pool, wellness center and gym, an auditorium for performances, and extensive dining options throughout the day. Planned excursions will range widely based upon customers preferred activity level, customized to suit passengers that want to rest and relax or alternatively be dynamic and experience as much as the world has to offer. If accessing quality medical care might be a barrier to Life at Sea, passengers can access a full-service 24/7 onboard hospital, and pharmacy. Medical visits are included in the original cost; however, dental appointments, procedures, and medication are an additional cost. Embarking on this worldwide journey in Fall 2023, interested passengers will need to clear their schedules through late 2026, and do so before the May deposit deadline.

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