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Spring Travels: Ireland Calling

Creator: Joe King Copyright: Copyright © Joe King 2011

Spring is around the corner. Daylight Savings means we just changed the clocks, and in towns and cities across the USA, the Irish among us - or merely claiming to be on March 17 - are making merry.

Irish Pride runs deep in the US. There are over 30 million US citizens with Irish ancestry that live across every single county in America, according to the US census.

Given that it appears to be OK to travel again, means it’s possible to go and visit the place your ancestors walked and experienced life.

While we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day throughout March, now might be an ideal time to plan that trip to Ireland and reconnect to those Irish roots or simply go for the rich culture.

How are you getting to Ireland?

Flying to Europe can often be expensive from America. It’s best to shop around with different airlines to find the best deal. According to travel website, one direct roundtrip flight from New York to Dublin starts at $552 with Virgin Atlantic or Delta.

*Pro Tip: Always search for flights and hotel prices in incognito mode or a private browser. This will prevent the websites from tracking how often you’ve visited the page and raising the prices each time you go back.

What to do once you’re there

No matter where you go in Ireland you will learn about the incredibly rich history. Waterford not only is the oldest county of Ireland, it’s also the first town that declared St Patrick’s Day a holiday. Dublin was settled by Vikings; Cork is where the Titanic set sail, each city, province, and county has a unique history to learn and explore no matter where you go.

If history isn’t your thing, you can always spend time in seaport cities, or even the beach! When you think of Ireland, the beach is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but you would be surprised! Ireland is a small island with incredible beaches and seaport cities that are worth the visit! You’ll probably need a coat depending on the time of year but spending a relaxing afternoon on Sandymount Beach in Dublin will definitely soothe the soul.

Release your inner nerd. The HBO show Game of Thrones took over the world for over a decade and filmed much of the seasons in Ireland using local talent and crews. You can book a tour to see the sights and walk the same paths as the Starks, the Lannisters, or the Baratheons.

And finally, when you think of the Irish, a nice tall pint of dark Guinness comes to mind. While touring the countryside think about visiting on of many whiskey distilleries and nearly 100 breweries scattered across the country. Any one of them is sure to have a tasting tour, so you can learn a little while you drink a lot. The Guinness Storehouse might be a great place to start!

Pack your bags now because Ireland and all the beautiful sights are just waiting for you to visit!

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