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The Extinction…of a Name?

Is someone in your family expecting a child, or a grandchild? Well, maybe it’s time to discuss those baby names.

The popular British parenting website BabyCentre has concluded that some age-old names are quickly falling out of style ‘across the pond,’ with even more on the endangered list.

Across the United Kingdom in all of 2022, the names Karen and Donald, each only had one newborn registered with those names.

Karen’s steep fall in popularity with childbearing generations is likely attributable to the more recent internet meme, that identifies “difficult women,” as a Karen. It has likely changed, and not for the better, the association of that name, for many expectant parents.

Donald faced a similar fate. Whether good or bad, after recent years, most have a specific association with the name they may not want to saddle their child with.

Did you grow up with an Elvis, Marilyn, or Audrey, named because of their folks fondness for celebrities of the same name.

A lot of names that were once popular in the 70s and 80s are declining in popularity. Possibly because they give new parents an “old vibe.”

Names like Farrah, Barbie, Stacey, and Kelly didn’t have any registrants this year for girls and no boys were named Quinton, Wallace, or Harold.

2022 is also the second year in a row, that the name Piers didn’t have a single baby name registration. Go figure!

2022 Endangered Baby Names for Girls and Boys

BabyCentre defines an endangered name as a name that has zero registrations, despite having at least one registration the year prior.

Endangered girls’ names

• Barbie

• Britney

• Carrie

• Deirdre

• Farrah

• Gail

• Gayatri

• Katrina

• Kelly

• Lindsey

• Shania

• Sheila

• Shirley

• Stacey

• Tegan

Endangered boys’ names

• Baxter

• Bill

• Brent

• Clement

• Cliff

• Giles

• Harold

• Kamran

• Maximillian

• Nigel

• Quinton

• Rashid

• Rhett

• Saul

• Wallace

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