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Is Island Life for You?

At some point, everyone has likely dreamed of living on a beautiful island, with sunny skies, surrounded by clean sandy beaches and the sound of the waves. Well, the Isle of Rum has a new announcement, that might you give and your family that opportunity.

30 miles of the coast of Scotland, The Isle is accepting applications for people who want to join its small population. Lesley Watt, one of its residents, says “We have a population of around 32 people, including six children. With only one child in nursery and two in our primary school we need more families to fill our school as well as to be the next generation of islanders.”

Owned by the Scotland Natural Heritage, a Scottish wildlife conversation organization, the Isle of Rum is 40 square miles. So, for those looking to add some uniqueness to the current social distancing trends, you’ll have miles of land to explore without being too caged up.

Potential new residents will stay in newly renovated economy homes.

According to the Island’s website “all houses have great south-facing views, up into the Rum Cuillin.” The site adds that there are jobs available for “childcare, food production, house maintenance, fish farming or marine and mountain tourism.”

People with experience in infrastructure, business, and other skills that could help the local economy are encouraged to apply and families are especially urged to do so.

The deadline for the application is August 28th, 2020. So, if you want to live on this beautiful island, then you don’t have too long before you need to hand it in.

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