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British Seniors Still Rockin’

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Not even a global pandemic can stop certain rockin’ seniors from having a good time.

Residents of the North London’s Sydmar Lodge Care, in England, who were under lockdown since early March, as result of COVID-19 have done something, you might say is, record setting.

Since they can’t enjoy group activities or time with their friends and families, these retirees have come up with a fun way to spend their time: recreating classic album covers, with each other.

Some of the ultra-fun and recognizable recreations include: 1974’s Queen II; Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 album Born in the USA; 2011’s Adele 21; and Taylor Swift’s 2014 record titled, 1989.

Photo Credit: Robert Speker

Photo Credit: Robert Speker

Photo Credit: Robert Speker

Photo Credit: Robert Speker

These innovative album and in some cases, throwback cover art, gained attention after the senior center’s activities coordinator, Robert Speker tweeted them on his personal account.

Speker says, “As this situation is ongoing it could be months before the situation changes for them, and the need to keep them happily entertained and full of spirit has never been more crucial.”

From there, the smile provoking artwork went viral, and what followed was an outcry of fans with recommendations for the center’s next album cover recreation. Some even suggested the seniors’ team up to make a 2021 calendar.

To further fund the project, Speker has created a go fund me titled “the show must go on” to continue fund senior activities.

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