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Free Online Learning at Harvard

As the saying goes, learning is a lifelong process, and Harvard University just made it easier.

The ivy league university has recently made 131 online courses available for all to participate in.

These free online courses are available through edX, a massive online course provider partnered with multiple universities. Harvard’s current courses cover a wide range of different topics including, computer science, literature, religion, artificial intelligence, and more.

For many, early retirement can be a struggle as they reorient into this new phase of life. Keeping busy and productive by taking some courses or nurturing hobbies is truly the best way to stay active and keep your mind sharp.

For some of the courses, there may be an expectation of prior knowledge, however, the courses are self-paced, meaning students complete the course on their own time schedule. If you don’t know something, you can always find the answer before moving forward with the remainder of the course.

However, because the courses are free, keep an eye out for the end date as access to the materials is not unlimited.

American Retiree has compiled a list of 10 interesting courses that may broaden your horizons and keep your mind active. Click in to learn more and perhaps register.

Perhaps now might also be a great time to learn the Harvard football Fight Song!

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