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Sail Through Retirement

One couple says they plan to spend nearly 3-months, or 86 days in 2022 on board a cruise ship as a part of their retirement plan.

According to a story originally published by the The New York Post, this adventure for Angelyn and Richard Burk will only cost them about $89 per day combined!

Experts say that the best route to the best deal is to look out for and take advantage of cruise line loyalty and rewards programs, which offer steep discounts or free nights in exchange for advance bookings. The Burks will do this and then stay on the same ship for as long as possible, so it remains ultra-cost effective.

By planning ahead, the Burks report they will live on the high seas at cost far below any potential assisted living facility. In comparison, the 86 days on the 7-seas is rather cheap.

In a five-year period between 2011 and 2016, the costs of assisted living facilities increased on average by 4.1% and have continued to climb, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The Burk family says that during their adventure, the agenda calls for them visiting various corners of the world, from Latin America to the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska and then across different parts of Asia, including stops in Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. They’re not just living cost-effectively; they’re fulfilling a few dreams and checking off a few items on their bucket list along the voyage.

Retirement is, after all, is intended to be the time to sail off into the sunset after decades of hard work, literally. A three-month cruise could be just right for you too.

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